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Walking Into The Essence Of
Who You Already Are
Intensive Retreat with Rev. Barbara Azzara

No blame, no shame, no longer a victim of your fear.

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barbara infant-to-adult
A Masters Class In Loving
Intensive Retreat with Rev. Barbara Azzara

Exploring the beauty of your soul and remembering who you are in G-d.

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          Embracing the Dragon
   An Adventure in Self Loving

Intensive Retreat with Rev. Barbara Azzara

We will explore the purpose of reincarnation, bringing the darkness, the false belief of who we are, into the light.

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What is Golden about the Golden Years? How Can We Create a Silver Lining?

Aging and dying are unavoidable experiences of living. It is our consciousness that creates our experience of the golden years. What do I want to create? What dreams, what longings do I want to realize?

An invitation to women of a certain age:
If you have ever said, "I'm too old to...." no matter what your age, this day is created for you.

In a structured and safe container, we will explore those whispers of fear and the behavior that the voice of fear has created that keep you from your passion. Together, we will open to our hearts' desire and to the voice of love, inspiring new behavior that will allow you to dance, to sing your song and to joyfully inhabit these Golden Years.

Gateway to Love

A Workshop Series
Friday night through Saturday
Four Committed Weekends

I am inviting you to experience the concept that loving is a conscious choice. Love and fear cannot occupy the same space. This structured experience will provide a safe and gentle container for you to discover your unconscious resistance that prevents you from living your life from love. Fear is the final addiction on this planet. We will listen and recognize the admonitions of fear, and keep questioning: "Is this true", until we are open to hearing the voice of love. Love is the key to the gate.

Master Class in Love and 12 Step Program

Designed for those who have chosen love
as their spiritual path, based in the
teachings of The Guide and Emmanuel.

Beyond Words: Inspiring G-d (Sacred Journeys through B.R.E.T.H.)

Using the breath to penetrate the layers of unconscious material and past life memories to release the unconscious and frozen life substance, so that one can fully inhabit one's body and one's consciousness in this life.

Choose Love: A Weekend Retreat

A graduate course in loving and marinating in the bliss of remembering.

Join us!  Surround yourself with those who inspire you.

Call for information.


Invitation to an Intimate Conversation With Self, Other and the Beloved

Tools for deepening communication skills... a map for silent listening. Creating a new dictionary for love.
Private sessions for individuals and couples. Pre-arrangement only.

Barbara is available to facilitate and lead workshops:
Individual and couples sessions (phone or in person)
Intensives personally created for your needs
Lecture study groups
Please call for appointment, consultations, and more information.

Contact Rev. Barbara Azzara (aka Glabman/Cohen)
561.961.0613 | Boca Raton, Florida

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