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I met Pat in 1979, when we were both in training class for the the Pathwork Of Transformation. Our connection was immediate and very joyous. It was two women connecting on every level.

In 1981 Emmanuel agreed to be my spiritual teacher. I had been longing for a teacher, and in a session (we met twice a month) Emmanuel asked: "Would you mind if your teacher did not have a body?" This question was mind boggling.

When I said YES! He said: "I will not be your supervisor, I will not be your validator, I will be your faithful mirror, the verifier of your truth. When I asked Emmanuel who he was he said: "I am you without fear." This was the beginning of my journey out of fear, into the infinity of love.

"Why would anyone want to remain in physical reality when their task is finished and they are approaching the light?"
-- Emmanuel

In 2012, Pat Rodegast went into the light.

If you would like to know more about my relationship with Pat and Emmanuel, click here for my interview with Charles Wood.

In gratitude, I offer this Emmanuel Bedtime Story.

Your entire lives are bedtime stories. If you would but gently tell yourselves as you go to bed at night…

Once upon a time, there was this wondrous being of light who was floating in the heavens in perfect bliss and heard the call of love. The heart within this being who heard the call of love knew that when love calls, love must respond. And so that being left the wonder of the oneness, the sweetness and the light, and came one more time to visit this schoolroom of illusion.

Within this schoolroom there has been a great many struggles, because the entity forgets. One enters in this world again and one forgets. One joins the world of forgetting and spends many years seeking to find a safe place. That is what you have all been doing. That is all any of you have ever done. Regardless of what the mind tells you it has been doing, it's really been the choice of your sweet heart that came in name of love and that has been looking for a safe place to begin to be the loving that it is.

Fear has taught you to say "No, it isn't safe here. No, it isn't safe there." You believe you have to transform everybody else so that then you will be in a world where people are well and kind, and then perhaps you can begin to believe in your own loving. It is the child's thought that says, "If I am myself, if I am really my loving self, I will be in danger. So I will keep myself back, and I will keep myself small, and I will keep myself hidden, until I know some great thing will happen, some great light will come, some miracle will transform the world, and then I will be safe to open my heart." Well, my dear, the miracle is here. It is you. Each one of you has the power to transform your lives miraculously by choosing love. Not love of others, not the behavior of love - self love. Rather than regard yourselves with criticism as you have been taught to do, find one thing that you love and admire in yourselves every day, just one thing. It does not have to be vast or earth shattering. Just one thing, and write it down. Something even as simple as "I like the way I laugh. I like how I smile at strangers." What ever it is, write it down.

And begin to be aware of the unconsciousness with which you regard yourselves and make the choice not to do that any longer. It is not a noble act, the self denial and self judgment. It serves nothing at all except to keep yourselves hopeless, to make you ill, to keep you in the forgetting. Self castigation is not holy work.

There are only 3 things you need to do:

fall in love with yourself,
fall in love with yourself,
fall in love with yourself.

Sweet Dreams


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